PPLAAF annual report: whistleblowers vital in unraveling corrupt schemes in Africa

We are delighted to share with you PPLAAF’s first annual report, highlighting the organisation's achievements during our first year in operation. You can find it online here. Please feel free to circulate, send around or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Currently, with staff in two African powerhouses - South Africa and Senegal, PPLAAF is working with 9 whistleblowers in South Africa, DRC, Algeria and Nigeria, has been active in 10 different countries this year and broke 3 major stories affecting the corrupted regimes of two countries: South Africa's state capture case and the Democratic Republic of Congo's Lumumba Papers and Banana Port project.

This year has shown us the crucial role of brave whistleblowers in unraveling the corrupt schemes of sacking public resources and oppressing African peoples.

While we will keep on protecting whistleblowers, PPLAAF endeavors to maximize the whistleblowers’ disclosures by ensuring that they lead to accountability for those who are responsible for illicit activities.

Please feel free to distribute this annual report and our website (https://pplaaf.org). We are at your disposal if you need more information.

Best regards,

The PPLAAF team

To download the annual report: 
https://pplaaf.org/downloads/annual_report.pdf (English)

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